What Is Home Automation ?

A complete Smart Home Automation System combines various solutions into one neat system package that addresses several needs pertaining to safety, security, comfort and convenience.

Our home automation systems are unique and tailored to your individual needs. Like no two people are the same, no two automation systems are the same. They are all customized according to your unique requirements.

The hardware and components used by us are procured from reputed manufacturers like Samsung, Lutron (USA), Qlite (U.K.), Legrand, Urmet (Italy), Honeywell, L&T, Panasonic etc.

The solution can operate either locally within the property or if enabled by Internet then it can be accessed remotely via Internet enabled devices. For example you can access & control the Lighting, HVAC, Curtain etc from your IPAD or Android enabled Phone even when you are not at home.

The system offers the following:

  • Dimming Control: They are mainly used for creating architectural & mood lighting. Pre-programmed scenes can be set for a particular mood or occasion to enhance & improve the ambience of areas such as Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Home Theatre Rooms, Dining Areas etc. Other benefits include reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs through more efficient usage & longer bulb life
  • Lighting Control: This system enables the switching (ON & OFF) of the light fittings via a fully networked central system. This system enables the control of the light fittings through timers and/or sensors (occupancy, motion & daylight) or any pre-programmed logic function as desired by the client.
  • Blind/Curtain Control: This system provides smooth control of blinds/curtains electronically. These can be controlled via the lighting control plates, touch screens and/or Smart Phones/Tablet PC.
  • Safety & Security Sensors: The solution monitors for smoke, gas leaks, door intrusion and panic buttons placed within the property and trigger local alarms, SMS, emails or smartphone notifications when events are detected.
  • Video Door Phones & Digital Door Locks: The solution allows monitoring of front door visitors and enables remote door unlock.
  • Motion Sensor Based Control: Common area, passage, bathrooms and kitchen lighting is enabled via motion sensor for convenience and energy savings